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Chhattisgarh losing revenue due to GST, says TS Singhdeo - GST Station

Chhattisgarh losing revenue due to GST, says TS Singhdeo

Chhattisgarh losing revenue due to GST, says TS Singhdeo

    RAIPUR: In a bid to remove the e-way bill provision within the state commercial tax, minister T S Singhdeo wrote to GST authorities to do away with the rule.

    “I am personally for GST, but the way the BJP government at the Centre implemented it was way too haphazard. They made far too many slabs and the biggest issue is compliance,” the minister said. “The compliance for filing tax formats is the biggest challenge and the Congress government has raised its voice against it. Now, the Centre is slowly rationalizing it. Current GST is taxing at the ‘point of sale’; hence if the taxation is implied at the manufacturer level, it just needs to control the manufacturing units”, Singhdeo said.

    “In state-wise share, Chhattisgarh is losing on GST because we are not a consuming, but a manufacturing state. Our goods are going out of the state and we are not getting the tax-benefits. By the year 2022, the state will be losing Rs3,629 crore,” Singhdeo added.

    Singhdeo said, “We have two major sources of income with the state government — petroleum products and alcohol. Now, if this also goes under GST, we will become a consuming state. There is a 21% VAT on petroleum products in the state and if 18% GST is implemented, Chhattisgarh will lose a lot of revenue.” “We have already written to the Centre to do away with e-way bills. There are around 18 items under e-way bills, including pan masala and cement and businessmen face a lot of problems due to compliance issues”, Singhdeo added.

    Source- Times of India.