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GST burden on trade: ICCI president

GST burden on trade: ICCI president

KOCHI: Sunny Malayil, president, Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI), Mattancherry said that GST had put a burden on trade and urged the Central Government to make the refund process ‘functional’ for ease of business. “Introduction of GST was thought as a step towards simplification in procedures and leading to ease of business. However, it complicated the process involved in trade activities. It put a burden on the trade,” said Malayil.

“Trades in Mattancherry has been survived only because of the export of spices. Introduction of GST was expected to help these industries. However, the exporters are still in a fix as the refund process is yet to be functional,” Malayil said. He further added that the homestays are also affected by the introduction of GST. “If the government fails to take a concrete measure, Mattancherry will not be able to sustain the spots holding in the international map,” said the ICCI president.

Source- New Indian Express.