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Types of GST Returns:

  • Any regular business:

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  • A dealer opting for composition scheme:

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  • Returns to be filed by specific registered dealers:

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News Updates


Important Dates

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Press Release Updates



  • 30/2019-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2019- Seeks to provide exemption from furnishing of Annual Return / Reconciliation Statement for suppliers of Online Information Database Access and Retrieval Services(“OIDAR services”).
  • 28/2019-Central Tax, dt. 28-06-2019- Seeks to prescribe the due date for furnishing FORM GSTR-1 for registered persons having aggregate turnover of more than 1.5 crore rupees for the months of July, 2019 to September, 2019.


Rate Notifications

  • 11/2019-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 29-06-2019- Seeks to specifies retail outlets established in the departure area of an international airport, beyond the immigrationcounters, making tax free supply of goods to an outgoing international tourist, as class of persons who shall be entitled to claim refund.
  • 10/2019-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 10-05-2019- To amend notification No. 11/ 2017- Central Tax (Rate) so as to extend the last date for exercising the option by promoters to pay tax at the old rates of 12%/ 8% with ITC.
  • 09/2019-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 29-03-2019- Seeks to amend notification No. 02/2019- Central Tax (Rate) so as to provide for application of Composition rules to persons opting to pay tax under notification no. 2/2019- Central Tax (Rate).
  • 08/2019-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 29-03-2019- Seeks to amend notification No. 1/2017- Central Tax (Rate) so as to notify CGST rate of certain goods as recommended by Goods and Services Tax Council for real estate sector.



  • 106/2019-Central Tax, dt. 29-06-2019- Refund of taxes paid on inward supply of indigenous goods by retail outlets established at departure area of the international airport beyond immigration counters when supplied to outgoing international tourist against foreign exchange - reg.